Inside Audiospace: Samuel Ho's Music Community Vision

Discover Audiospace's unique approach to tackling the music industry in my interview with founder Samuel Ho.

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Samuel Ho, founder of Audiospace.

Image Credit: Samuel Ho


As someone with an interest in both the arts and sciences, I am often looking for new experiences and communities to engage with where I can meet like-minded individuals. One such community I’ve found in Los Angeles is Audiospace, a group where artists of all skill levels regularly collaborate through unique events.

Recently, I had an opportunity to interview Samuel Ho, the founder of Audiospace, about the exciting work he has been doing to build this new music-focused community in Los Angeles, California. His work builds on an understanding of market dynamics as well as web technology to bridge gaps in the music community. For this interview, we decided on an asynchronous text-based format where I wrote up a list of questions and forwarded them to him to answer as time permitted.

Note that some light edits have been made, with the interviewee’s approval, to streamline the reader experience and ensure accuracy.

The Interview

Can you share the story behind the inception of Audiospace? What inspired you to start this community?

I used to try and go out to different events and places to meet artists, but frequently ran into the issue where many weren’t as consistent in their craft or collaboration. I created Audiospace as a platform to solve this problem and create a space where you can meet other like-minded individuals, and crafted events where output and creation is top of mind. It is especially important for anything Audiospace does to push artists forward, create an environment where output and consistency is the most important pillar to uphold, and generally connect the dots in a fragmented industry.

As a new community, how do you structure your music producer and songwriter meetups to foster creativity and collaboration among participants?

Audiospace acts as the A&R (artists and repertoire representative) to partner creatives up with each other in groups of 3-4, and at the end of the session everyone comes out with at least a demo or a finished track. We frequently provide events where artists and creatives alike are able to connect in a low stakes environment and are constantly sharing output. We host these sessions monthly, and from the feedback we’ve gotten this is the only place in Los Angeles where this is happening. We don’t try to push a dream to you unlike most of our event counterparts, we provide results and solutions.

Beat battle days must be exciting events. Can you describe how these are organized and what they bring to the Audiospace community?

The producer community is extremely fragmented. In the digital age, many are able to create, record, and distribute straight from their bedrooms. As artists, we believe that outside feedback and a general sense of competitiveness is what differentiates us. The beat battles are a pillar of that motto. Producers are given a sample wherein they are tasked to flip it and provide an output within an hour, giving a time constraint to not overthink and only focus strictly on the execution. We also showcase everyone’s creation at the end of this battle which only further supports our vision of collaboration and community.

Studio days seem like a unique offering. How do these events contribute to the development of artists within your community?

Creation is a fickle being. Collaboration even more so. Artists inherently have a sense of longingness of acceptance and need for validation. The studio sessions provide a way for individuals to meet and instantly work with others. I was frequently frustrated at the other counterparts in the space, where dreams are frequently dangled in front of artists with 0 results. There are those that take advantage of artists where people are paying exorbitant amounts of money just to show their tracks or even to collaborate on a song. This is not the case here. We emphasize the point to check your ego at the door, that the sessions are a place of collaboration, where output quality is paramount, and give opportunities to those who want to show their work and get instant feedback.

Since your website is a new addition to your online presence, can you share insights into the development challenges and the SEO strategies you’re using to enhance online visibility?

Building a website is easy. Marketing and getting people excited about what you’re doing is an uphill battle. I utilize a combination of automation platforms for admin work, comparisons against competitors and their ads/posts to optimize our own, and figure out what exact niche is untapped. Things like figuring out where our target audience is located, what they are looking for, and how we can fit ourselves within that puzzle is the key to our strategy and success. My background working in industries like fashion and software greatly contributes to the strategy here at Audiospace.

With a presence on multiple platforms like Discord, Eventbrite, Meetup, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter, how do you tailor your content and interaction on each to optimize engagement with your audience and effectively promote Audiospace events?

Much like the previous answer, we do a ton of research on what others in the industry are doing. We take this information and translate it into tangible steps to action. I ask myself questions frequently and A/B test our content to see which is performing the best as well as making sure our content is reaching the right audience.

Among the various platforms you use, have any proven to be particularly effective in driving community growth and engagement?

I don’t believe in hedging our bets on a single platform. My strategy is to get into as many places and platforms as possible to spread our reach. We structure our events in terms of funnels, the meetups funnel into studio sessions and beat battles which in turn funnels into showcases, and finally into distribution and artist deals. In turn, these funnels are where collaboration and output becomes the key component and selling factor. Save the date for February 29th, 8PM to 12AM, to check out our first performance!

Looking ahead, are there any significant technological developments or enhancements planned for Audiospace’s digital presence?

I am working on an SEO machine utilizing our automation platform to rank on Google, and create and churn out more content at a greater scale. In the music industry, our key component is our network, and we aim to branch into different music communities and platforms to connect this decentralized industry.

As a new organization, what have been some significant challenges you’ve faced, and how have you adapted to them?

Starting from zero is always a challenge. Questions like - “What should we do first?” “Who do we need to connect with to grow?” “Is there a better way to get people excited about what we’re doing?” “How do we retain our current members and grow our talent pool?”. We tackle these challenges one by one, one step at a time. I’m not afraid to put boots on the ground and go out personally to talk to business owners, seek out other events to see how we can do better than our competitors, and generally put ourselves out there to face potential rejections. I find my inspiration from Paul Graham, “Do things that don’t scale.”. At our current stage that’s extremely important to how we have grown and secured our partnerships. I believe that if I put my passion and voice my vision to others, there will be people who will reciprocate.

What are your long-term aspirations for Audiospace, especially in the intersection of technology and music?

I plan to branch into building marketplaces made specifically for the music industry, establishing a record label, and hopefully into into larger events like festivals. I know these are far reaching goals, but I believe with enough persistence and networking with key players in the industry we can make this happen. We have our first test trial with our performance on February 29th to start developing a proof of concept and continue gathering interest in our mission and vision.

Could you give us an overview of the upcoming showcase event? What makes this event a significant milestone for Audiospace?

This event will be the start of a proof of concept for us. In the past 6 months we have generated a ton of growth, interest, and a talent pool we want to showcase to the public. Our main community are artists and this will be a way to test how we can market to the general public, garner more brand recognition and partnerships, and understand the intricacies of event production at this level. One step at a time we plan to host larger events and this will be a great learning experience for everyone involved.

How are artists selected for this showcase?

Handpicked and selected based on tastes. We pride ourselves on our output and must be completely honest with the readiness of our artists and ourselves as a platform. We have also partnered with Pirate studios to provide their artists with opportunities to showcase their work as well. My goal with Audiospace is to provide a sponsor friendly platform where we can connect the music industry together and push the boundaries of what we can do as a community.

What impact do you hope this showcase will have on the artists and the Audiospace community?

Growth, experience, and to bring a wider audience to our brand. We want to give people and our brand a chance to shine, through our quality of the event and the choice of music we’ve picked out.

How can interested individuals learn more about and participate in the event, especially for those who might not be able to attend in person?

You can join our discord! Visit for all of our event details and social links to get connected.

Finally, for our readers who are interested in getting involved with Audiospace, could you share the best ways for them to engage with your community and what opportunities are available for them to participate in your events and initiatives?

You can connect with us at our events! We have regular meetups, beat battles, and studio sessions where creatives come to collaborate. Also, you can connect with us on our socials!


After speaking with Samuel Ho, it’s evident that Audiospace offers a unique platform for artists in Los Angeles. His approach in bridging the gap in the music community through collaboration and technology shows promise. I’m curious to see how this initiative will shape the local music scene.

Audiospace is a noteworthy venture for those in the music industry or anyone interested in creative collaboration. For anyone looking to explore new music experiences or connect with fellow artists, it might be worth keeping an eye on what they do next.


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